vpatch: http://lobbesblog.com/src/logotron/raw_line_fix.kv.vpatch

sig: http://lobbesblog.com/src/logotron/raw_line_fix.kv.vpatch.lobbes.sig

Fixes the raw line export of the Stan logotron to conform to the standard, which looks like the following:

823122;1433430863;danielpbarron;and for the character name, i shouldn't use my own name?
823123;1433430890;*;danielpbarron isn't much of a role player

I.e. For "action lines" there is no semi-colon after the nick, but for regular lines there is. At the time of this patching I have also tested both the irssi2tmsr and znc2tmsr converters and can confirm that they also conform to the above standard.

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