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From :README.txt":

Genesis by lobbes of the heathen "irclog2html-2.14.0" that is currently used to produce

the colorful logs found on

USAGE: Takes .log files from, e.g., ZNC and converts to html. You can then set a cron job

to run the coad and transfer the files to your web-facing directory.

WARNING: NOT recommended for use as-is due to the need for "pip" to install (see: It does come with

a makefile that allows a "test" installation (still via pip) in virtualenv, but I was not able

to get this to work at the time of this genesis due to various "deprecation" barf (this version

was produced in 2014).

The main cause for this genesis is the want to freeze the important bits in amber for future dissection.

I aim to eventually create a vpatch that eliminates the vast majority of this coad and replaces it with

some simple scripts to achieve the same html colorization without the pip-isms. Others, of course, are welcome

to bring their own scalpels and flamethrowers to it.

Important bits:




590462 irclog2html_genesis "Genesis."

Additional notes: The search that is currently in-use over at is NOT included in this genesis as that was something I coded after-the-fact. Ditto for the bot long-line echoing done by lobbesbot. I intend to vpatch these at a later date.

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