Time estimation for logotron based off of logbot: August 18th

This weekend I came to the conclusion that the current #eulora logotron must die, and that I will replace this with a more proper1 logotron based off of logbot. The problem here is that diana_coman has been busy training new hands, and the benefits of this to the republic could be further amplified if only she had a working logotron.

So, as promised, here is what I was able to spec, and my estimation of how long it will take me to implement said spec.

Current estimated time-to-delivery: August 18th, 2019


  • Based off of the log table in the Postgres database used by the logbot. Will need to make a separate Postgres schema that will be web facing, with php-olade on top that grabs the data needed to display teh loglines.
  • Will need to segment the log by day, with the ability to go to the previous/next days
  • Must be able to search log
    • Allow the "From:nick" syntax in the search
    • Allow to search "with quotes" or without quotes2

NOT included in this spec:

  • Bot log quoting. This will have to wait until later as I want to think this one through a bit more.

  1. Depending who you ask, I guess. I'm not a doctor in this hospital, however, so I honestly couldn't tell you for sure. []
  2. There's probably a term for this but it is almost midnight here and I don't care THAT much; you get the point I'm sure []

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