Forward-looking report: Week 27 of 2019

It is said that in every functional system, the buck must stop with a single authority, lest everything melt into a bureaucratic soup. Well, in the logs of June 22nd the authority of the world's only sovereign was not happy, and knocked most of the L1 over the head for lack of clear, forward-looking communication.

Indeed, I am guilty of recently engaging in the described orc-activity, so I will try to address this via weekly forward-looking reports on what I intend to do that week.

We are about to enter week 27 of 2019. The current item in my conveyor is chewing through the mod_lisp coad. I've mentioned it in the logs (and on my blog), but I'll say it again here: I am 100% new to C, so I am putting my face to the cheese grater (to borrow a hanbot-ism) as I eat each line. It is slow going but I'm grokking enough to be able to answer to the coad once I sign it (which is my goal here).

Still, it'll probably go faster if I pull my head out of my ass and actually structure my learning/reading. As such, I've 'loaded in my head' up to line 185 so far1, so I'll aim to grok up to ~line 285 by next week's report. I've got a lot of $saltmine work coming up in the next two weeks, but somehow I need to find a way to get real work done. Let's see if this small chunks thing works.

  1. which, admittedly, is pretty sad for a month's time... []

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