Hopper Update: May 2019

Since January's hopper update, I managed to get Cuntoo working for me and released the vpatch for auctionbot. Next up:

cl-wwwism kit - There's definitely a need for some basic www interfacing tools to be genesis-ed, and to be frank I'm not sure atm what the 'final kit' might look like exactly. However, this may not be a problem right now because the v-approach to things seems to be a piecemeal approach; building yggdrasil as it were. In any case, spyked has outlined for us some basic elements for such a kit:

  • http server
  • curl
  • html gen
  • So I decided to attack the http server piece and am currently chewing through the mod_lisp coad,1 and once it fits in my head I will poop out a genesis.

    logotronics - This item depends on some of the www interfacing items mentioned above, namely: the html generator and http server. However, it'll also require some Postgres interfacing to retrieve loglines from the log table that logbot uses. Once everything exists I will spin up a few auxiliary logotrons for channels like #pizarro and #trilema (or any others on request), as well as look into Mr. P's request re:

    mp_en_viaje: lobbes, can you do that ? make your logger 1) log ~every irc channel over 50 users~, 2) produce this data upon request by a lord only, and for pay ?

    other items - Once the above items start taking more shape, I aim to circle back to the remaining items in http://blog.lobbesblog.com/2018/11/conveyor-outlook-now-to-feb-2019/

    1. Which is taking me time since I know not C nor really Common Lisp yet, so it is currently a 'line-by-line with the respective reference manuals in-hand' exercise. []

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