Initial Cuntoo Testing

I recently grabbed an old Lenovo x611 from ebay with hopes of turning it into a proper republican workstation. As of writing this I am still working on primarily2 Debian boxen and have yet to fully complete a Gentoo install on my own iron. With my need for a sane os mounting, I figured this would be a great time to test out the latest result of Trinque's ongoing yak shaving known as Cuntoo.

The following is the results of 3 separate runs of the The target block device for each run was a SanDisk 32gb usb flash drive, and the os running the script was Debian 8. My aim was to first create a bootable Cuntoo on the usb stick, boot the Lenovo from the stick, and then obliterate its hdd with Cuntoo.

First Run - vpatch (keccak)

For my first run I used the 4.9.95-apu2 kernel config included in the cuntoo.tar.  Script ran without issue (I let it run overnight and woke up to the final prompts), however it turns out that the x61 needed another kernel. Trying to boot from the first run usb stick would result in it hanging indefinitely at the "BIOS data check successful" messaging.

cuntoo first run: loading stuck on 'BIOS data check successful'

Second Run - vpatch (sha)

After a little research I found a kernel config for the x61 (mirrored here). Script once again ran without problems, and this time it booted!

However, after multiple tries of entering what I know was the root password I set, I still was met with the "Login Incorrect" message.

cuntoo second and third runs: cannot login with either root or main user

Frustrated, I began the usual3 dance of mounting the block device, chrooting in, diddling with passwd and/or the /etc/passwd , /etc/shadow file, etc. Sadly, while educative, none of my password futzing bore any fruit so I turned my eyes to other areas.

One weird thing I noticed while poking and prodding was that some of my permissions looked a little off:

-rws--x--x 1 root root 33104 Jan  6 09:39 bin/su

At this point I was reluctant to burn too much more time identifying and enumerating screwy permissions. I decided to throw in the towel on the second run and rerun on my third usb flash drive, just for good measure.

Third Run vpatch (sha)

Third run had results identical to the second run. Meh.

So my original aims did not quite pan out, but what frustrates me more is that I'm not sure why just yet. Was it Debian strange? Perhaps just some elementary config I missed? Not sure at the moment, but on the positive side I learned a good chunk in the process4. I also have retained the Cuntoos installed on my second and third runs, so further prodding can continue down the road at least.

For now I may just try installing a Gentoo on the x61 with the hope that it teaches me a few more things I can use in later tests, as well as giving me an actual Gentoo to test from in order to rule out debianstrange. Anyways, I look forward to more Cuntoo testing in the future and perhaps a saner workstation.

  1. sadly, I couldn't find any of the 64bit x60s in working order []
  2. save for my spiffy Pizarro Rockchip []
  3. Well, usual to others versed in linux, I suppose. To me it was a very enlightening experience of just how damned easy it is to pop an os once you have physical access! []
  4. For e.g. after all of my troubleshooting I'm now quite comfortable with chroot! []

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