Hopper update: January 2019

Since last updateI've been continuing to pay my technological debts, namely:

  • I managed to un-wedge my trb node1; as of today it is at block height 443238.
  • Spyked released a keccak regrind of the tmsr botworks patchset, which included a regrind of logbot_command_router_genesis. I wanted to review and sign, and so figured that this was a great opportunity to test Diana Coman's V setup. However, I had failed to understand that ave1's gnat was the standard, instead going with a heathen post-2017 gnat that ultimately failed to work with the existing VK.pl implementation of V. I resigned to waiting until I had a both a saner workstation, as well as a firmer grasp on the related gnat threads in the logs.
  • With want for a saner workstation, I did some initial Cuntoo testing and ended up with two bootable Cuntoo environments. However, for whatever reason I could not log in to either of 'em, and trinque brought up the important point that I should be working to have a more substantive understanding of what the scripts are in fact doing.
  • With want for a better understanding of trinque's bootstrap.sh, I decided to step through the Gentoo handbook in order to simply install my own hand-rolled Gentoo on my x61.2 I made a point to compare what I was doing with what trinque's script was doing, and after about a week or so I managed to finally get a Gentoo installed on my lappy. The experience left me with a much deeper understanding of the installation process in general, and I actually have quite a few ideas of things to troubleshoot re: my Cuntoo attempt.

Up next:

While I could dive back into troubleshooting my login woes with Cuntoo, I look around and realize that I now have two functioning (and chroot-able) Cuntoo environments, as well as my own hand-rolled Gentoo on my x61 (complete with, at least, asciilifeform's traditional crapolade masks). I also look and see the looming pile of items I need to get back to, and I feel confident that my workstation is in better condition to start chipping away.

With that, the next item on my list is chiefly to get ave1's gnat set up, then Diana Coman's V setup set up, THEN finally read and sign Spyked's regrind. Afterwards, I'ma continue working through what's listed in http://blog.lobbesblog.com/2018/11/conveyor-outlook-now-to-feb-2019/.

  1. with aggression patch []
  2. Non-musl. I'm just talking -A- Gentoo, of any kind; I had failed my previous "Gentoo quest" sometime in 2016 []

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