Conveyor Outlook: Now to Feb 2019

For both my own sanity and for continued communication re: what I'm working on, I will outline what I aim to accomplish by the end of February 2019:

  1. Introduce auto-bid functionality into auctionbot. As of now, lobbesbot is the only bot with auto-bid capabilities and, imho, I did not design nor implement that functionality correctly to begin with1 and need to redo it properly.
  2. Discontinue legacy !Qauction functionality in lobbesbot.
  3. Migrate all legacy auction data2 from lobbesbot into auctionbot
  4. Implement the old-but-improved billing3

Items most-likely on conveyor for after March 2019:

  • A more automated price history for auctions and a "ticker" functionality for auctionbot
  • Redo of the remainder of lobbesbot functionality to also sit atop logbot
  • Auxiliary logotrons for #pizarro y #eulora
  1. some related mini-threads: []
  2. For the curious: 366 auctions dating back to Feb 2017 []
  3. I'ma need to retool the automated back-end bits to work with the new auctionbot database. Also need to think through how I want to report usage now that I'm only billing at a certain threshold []

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