auctionbot is live

I'm pleased to report that auctionbot is now live and sitting in #trilema, #eulora, #pizarro, and #trilema-lobbes. Here's a quick run-down on usage:

Call command: !X1


!Xsell opening(ecu) duration(hours as integer) item/lot

Create an auction/order selling item/lot opening at opening(ecu), running for duration(hours as integer) hours

e.g. !Xsell 3.5mn 72 One bag of entropy

This creates a typical auction, and functions the same as the classic !Qauction from the old bot. The creator of the auction is selling some thing with potential buyers bidding the price up.

!Xbuy opening(ecu) duration(hours as integer) item/lot

Create an auction/order buying item/lot opening at opening(ecu), running for duration(hours as integer) hours

e.g. !Xbuy 3.5mn 72 One bag of entropy

This essentially creates a reverse auction. The creator of the auction is buying some thing with potential sellers bidding the price down.

!Xbid order-number amount(ecu)

Bid amount(ecu) on auction specified by order-number

e.g. !Xbid 1004 1.5bn

!Xcancel order-number

Cancel an auction that you2 created specified by order-number

e.g. !Xcancel 1003

!Xview order-number

View details on a past or current auction by order-number

e.g. !Xview 1003


List all active auctions. Note: If there are no active auctions the bot will say nothing.


List all active auctions for which you have made a bid. (Only accepted via PM)


Returns the url for this page


Ping the bot


Coming3 soon...

Assorted Likbez:

All dealings are in ecu.

Currently, 1 billion ecu = 1 btc

How to read the output of !Xlist

Take this output, for e.g.

auctionbot B#1009 O=500mn LB=499.99mn E=2018-12-07 06:34:14.465343 (16h47) >>> 2k wFF
auctionbot S#1010 O=1.08mn LB=1.13353mn E=2018-12-08 08:30:05.823023 (42h43) >>> 18096 NT q60
auctionbot S#1011 O=1.05mn LB=None E=2018-12-08 09:25:26.658053 (43h39) >>> 29873 BN q43
auctionbot --- end of auction list, 501.124mn total bids ---

'B#' or 'S#' denotes if it is a buy or sell order, followed by the order number

'O' is the opening bid, 'LB' denotes the current lead bid, and 'E' is the end date with the time remaining in hours/minutes

Everything after the ">>>" is what is being sold.

If you are unfamiliar with Euloran auctions, you may be thrown by cryptic combinations such as "BN q43" or "wFF". Note that while the bot will accept whatever strings entered for the item/lot when creating an order, nevertheless, conventions in usage emerge over time.  In the former case above, the "BN" denotes an item in the game, and the "q43" denotes the quality. In the latter case, the "wFF" stands for Wired Filthy Fiats, and has recently seen usage in Pizarro auctions.4

  1. case-sensitive []
  2. the irc nick issuing the !Xcancel []
  3. again []
  4. The ideal situation would be, of course, if I can eventually harness these conventions in order to automate price-charting. []

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