Seeking Forum Input: Auctionbot's Currency - btc vs ecu

UPDATE: See thread ( Question answered. Input closed. Bot will deal 100% in ecu.


Now that I've released the command router for logbot, I've turned my attention to really trying to think through the (re)design of auctionbot. I'm currently at the point where I need to make a couple of design decisions and would like to field some input from the forum.

Question 1: Should the auctionbot deal in btc or ecu? (e.g. "!Xbid [ecu amount]" vs "!Xbid [btc amount]")

Question 2: Should the auctionbot accept bid/order amounts in either currency?1

I'm current thinking is that:

Answer to 1) I will have the thing deal in btc as opposed to ecu

Reasoning being that I need to pick one currency, and trb is the currency of the republic

Answer to 2) I will not offer any automatic btc-to-ecu conversion features.

Reasoning being I don't want to be in business of curating conversion rates for this. I'm thinking of cases like: I'm vacationing on the moon for a month. During that time ecu to btc rate changes but the bot isn't updated to reflect this change. People don't notice and chaos ensues2

Does this sound like solid reasoning? And would eulora players hate to enter their auctions in btc vs ecu?

  1. i.e. the bot converts input/output where needed to/from the currency chosen in  question 1 []
  2. e.g. someone auctions off something for their intended amount, but bot incorrectly converts it into some other amount. I'm then stuck having to unwind data after-the-fact []

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