logbot_command_router_python: Genesis

Special thanks to ben_vulpes for helping me understand the fundamental bits of the design that this specific implementation was based on.

What is this?

This is a package of .py scripts designed to 1) hook into a PostgreSQL db that is being used by a running instance of logbot or logbot-multiple-channels-corrected in order to 2) act as a configurable and extendable 'bot command router'

Where is this?

From my repository:

genesis vpatch (lobbes sig) (spyked sig)

Alternatively, see spyked's Keccak regrind for the patches and this post for my signature



Install the following via your preferred method: 

logbot-genesis or logbot-multiple-channels-corrected (http://btcbase.org/patches?patchset=bot&search=)
psycopg2 (a PostgreSQL adapter for Python: http://initd.org/psycopg/)

Press logbot_command_router_python via your preferred V:

mkdir -p ~/src/logbot_command_router_python
cd ~/src/logbot_command_router_python

mkdir .wot
cd .wot && wget http://www.lobbesblog.com/lobbes.asc && cd ..

v.pl init http://www.lobbesblog.com/src/logbot_command_router_python
v.pl press logbot_command_router_python logbot_command_router_python_genesis.vpatch



Bits designed to be customized to your needs:
knobs/config.py << Edit you postgres db connection info, bot command prefix, etc.
knobs/router.py << The central command router. Write or pull in your custom commands here.
commands/* << A directory to house command scripts that you can import into router.py

To run:
Configure your bits mentioned above
Start your local postgres server and your instance of logbot or logbot-multiple-channels-corrected


Designed to communicate with a LOCAL Postgres server only, not remote. (Feel free to extend this to add that capability, however)

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