Sales Report: June 2018

Since being reminded that proper reporting is a primary element of the action/report/discuss/adjust cycle, I figure I will start releasing monthly reports of my actions towards building sales for Pizarro ISP. And with that short intro, here is the June report which documents the actions I have taken since being given the green light to begin sales on June 3rd. :

Sales brought in this month1


Summary of Activity

Since I had to start somewhere, I figured I'd survey the layout of two corners of the vast refuse pile: the "webhosting forums" and the "bitcoin forums".

As it turns out, a good chunk of the webhosting forums out there have certain thresholds2 that need to be met in order to post "advertisements" on their designated advertisement boards. I targeted what usgoogle claims is the most relevant result for the query of "web hosting forums"3 and set off to reach that forum's threshold of "10 non-fluff" posts. While seemingly simple, this proved to be an expensive4 exercise; eating through minutes and brain cells as I stepped on "gotcha" landmines such as "too fluffy a reply, post deleted" and "posts in X board don't count toward post count". Even after hitting the threshold and posting my ad, I stepped on another landmine of "post deleted due to incomplete public whois information"

As you might expect, I was met with no such "threshold to post ads" on the various "bitcoin forums" and was able to post ads immediately upon account creation5. I also got two kinda-leads from the post on bitcointalk, which I pursued to no results6

If any are interested, I am keeping a running list of the ads I have here:


In my eyes, I utterly have failed and flailed thus far. Not much to show here, and it shows. Still, I got some good direction from the forum, both directly and indirectly7. My plan of attack for this next month:

  • Utilize tracking on my ads so as to get proper measurements. I have already retrofitted my existing ads with links pointing to variations of the url of my custom landing page
  • Look for additional avenues outside of the "web hosting forums".
  • Automation: Explore ways to construct a mass-mailer of sorts; figure out the proper design of a trawler8


  1. and year-to-date []
  2. mostly "N post-count required" []
  3. at the time of this writing this is "" []
  4. considering this is effort expended to post a single thread that will be seen by maybe.. ~20 people before sinking to the 2nd page of roughly 100 entries in a digital phonebook that I suspect nobody consults []
  5. granted, for tardstalk I didn't have to start 'fresh' as I had an old account that I simply dusted off []
  6. perhaps opening with a sales pitch on that second lead was a bad idea. []
  7. as oft the case []
  8. and where to trawl []

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