Auctionbot ETA and Status Report

This post will serve to provide communication on the overall status of Auctionbot. I will update periodically as I see fit.

Current ETA1 : October 31st, 2018

Steps to Fruition:

  1. [Complete] Spin up instance of logbot-multiple-channels-corrected and confirm functionality
  2. [Complete] Successful test run of an external .py script communicating on IRC via logbot and the listen/notify mechanisms of postgres. Baked the polished tests into a logbot-command-router-genesis
  3. [Complete] Re-design and re-implement auctionbot as an extension of logbot-command-router-genesis, leveraging the legacy2 auctionbot coad where possible. It will include the reverse auction functionality specified in the logs.
  4. [Complete]Test.
  5. [Complete]Release into production


  1. I will announce in #trilema if this date is pushed out []
  2. i.e. the auction 'plugin' I wrote for lobbesbot []

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  1. [...] router for logbot, I've turned my attention to really trying to think through the (re)design of auctionbot. I'm currently at the point where I need to make a couple of design decisions and would like to [...]

  2. [...] pleased to report that auctionbot is now live and sitting in #eulora, #pizarro, and #trilema-lobbes. Here's a quick run-down on [...]

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